Consultation & Training

Consultation and Other Services

Expert Testimony
Psychosexual Assessments
Parental Reunification
Expert Consultation
Custody Evaluations
Parenting Time Expediting
Parental Consultation
Parental Coaching

Trainings Offered

Ms. Matheny has provided trainings on a number of different topics ranging from highly specific to very broad.  Training length varies from 30 minutes to multi-day. Common presentations have included: 

Trauma In Children and Adolescents
Traumatic Stress

Trauma Trainings Specific for Educators, Child Welfare, Mental Health Providers, Medical Providers, Juvenile or Adult Corrections Staff, Judicial System Staff

Secondary Traumatic Stress Resilience
Addressing Normative Sexual Behavior in Children
Addressing Non-Normative Sexual Behavior in Children
Core Curriculum in Childhood Traumatic Stress
Foster Parent Trainings
Developmental Psychopathology