Saprina earned her Master’s degree in social work from the College of St. Catherine and is a licensed clinical social worker.  She was previously the Clinical Program Manager for the Ambit Network of the University of Minnesota, and the Director of Child and Family Services at Human Development Center in Duluth.  Her areas of specialty include child and adolescent trauma.

Considering therapy is contemplating of personal growth or self-reflection. Therapy is not just for those with significant mental health issues, it is also for those experiencing stress related to the typical events of life, normal life changes (children moving out, a new job, a move, retirement, etc). Just like our annual physical health check-ups, mental health check-ups are just as important.

Paradigm Therapy is a private practice focused on providing high quality, trauma informed, evidence based individual and family therapy.  Paradigm was formed with the mission to offer services to clients who are not always well served in other agencies: those with complex trauma histories; complex family dynamics; social service or family court involved individuals; those involved in the legal system; etc.  The goal of Paradigm is also to offer brief, solution focused or supportive therapy to individuals going through life events that cause any level of stress.
Why Paradigm?

Paradigm is defined as a typical example or pattern; a worldview underlying the theories of a particular subject. The process of therapy involves exploring and altering your patterns of thinking about and interacting with the world—changing your paradigm.

Why a loon?

Loons have long had symbolic meaning to indigenous people. Some peoples view the loon as the animal who dove into the sea to bring back mud and grass to form land, becoming messengers between worlds. In some Northwest Coast Tribes, loons are a solitary bird that symbolizes tranquility, harmony, and the reawakening of old hopes, wishes, and dreams. Loons rely on water and are viewed as creatures that can move between different worlds, realms, or levels of consciousness.

Types of Therapy Offered


A person receiving physical therapy to improve their mobility and alleviate pain


Individual Therapy for children, adolescents, and adults of all ages

Couples Therapy

Co-Parenting Therapy


Family Therapy

Employee Assistance


Crisis Intervention

Areas of Specialty



A person receiving physical therapy to improve their mobility and alleviate pain


Trauma, Violence, Abuse, Posttraumatic Stress Disorder

Life Transitions/Adjustment Difficulties

Grief and Loss

Sexuality and Gender Identity Issues

Behavioral Issues


Personality Disorders

Mood Disorders—Depression, Anxiety, Bipolar Disorder

Co-occurring Mental Health and Substance Use Issues

Academic or Job Difficulties

GLBTQAI+ Individuals

Marital Problems

Sexual Health/Sexual Addiction

Paradigm and Matheny Therapy & Consulting is In-Network with most insurance companies in the area, including


A person receiving physical therapy to improve their mobility and alleviate pain


Blue Cross Blue Shield

Health Partners

Minnesota Health Care Programs (MHCP)


United Behavioral Health



Trauma assessments

Medica Assistance (MA)



Preferred One


Psychotherapy Services

Individual, group and family therapy
Diagnostic assessments

Consultation and Other Services

Expert Testimony
Psychosexual Assessments
Parental Reunification
Expert Consultation
Custody Evaluations
Parenting Time Expediting
Parental Consultation
Parental Coaching

Trainings Offered

Ms. Matheny has provided trainings on a number of different topics ranging from highly specific to very broad.  Training length varies from 30 minutes to multi-day. Common presentations have included: 

Trauma In Children and Adolescents
Traumatic Stress

Trauma Trainings Specific for Educators, Child Welfare, Mental Health Providers, Medical Providers, Juvenile or Adult Corrections Staff, Judicial System Staff

Secondary Traumatic Stress Resilience
Addressing Normative Sexual Behavior in Children
Foster Parent Trainings
Addressing Non-Normative Sexual Behavior in Children
Developmental Psychopathology
Core Curriculum in Childhood Traumatic Stress

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