Types of Therapy Offered


A person receiving physical therapy to improve their mobility and alleviate pain


Individual Therapy for children, adolescents, and adults of all ages

Couples Therapy

Co-Parenting Therapy


Reunification Therapy

Family Therapy

Employee Assistance


Crisis Intervention

Areas of Specialty



A person receiving physical therapy to improve their mobility and alleviate pain


Trauma, Violence, Abuse, Posttraumatic Stress Disorder

Life Transitions/Adjustment Difficulties

Grief and Loss

Sexuality and Gender Identity Issues

Behavioral Issues


Personality Disorders

Mood Disorders—Depression, Anxiety, Bipolar Disorder

Co-occurring Mental Health and Substance Use Issues

Academic or Job Difficulties

GLBTQAI+ Individuals

Marital Problems

Sexual Health/Sexual Addiction

Psychotherapy Services

Individual, group and family therapy
Diagnostic assessments
Trauma assessments

Court/Social Services Ordered Services

Threat/risk assessments
Parent Consultation
Parenting education/therapy
Psychosexual assessments
Custody Evaluations
Parenting Time Evaluations

Custody Evaluations

At times, parents are unable to reach agreement regarding custody and parenting time.  Parents can hold differing

opinions about what is in their child’s best interest and both opinions may fall on the spectrum of what is in child’s best interest.   However, a child’s best interests are defined by Minnesota law. A parent’s opinion about what arrangements best serve a child’s best interests may or may not be consistent with the law.

In these situations, the Court may require you to engage the services of a Custody Evaluator (CE) to help the Court decide custody and parenting time. A CE will take time to learn about you, your children and your unique circumstances and needs. Custody Evaluators are selected by the parties and their attorneys and appointed by Court Order.Ms. Matheny offers two levels of custody evaluations.

Level 1

This level of evaluation involves an interview with the child(ren), observation of the child(ren) with each parent, interviews with each parent, a review of any collateral information provided, and a written report addressing the statutory best interest factors to be considered.

Level 2

The second level will include the above components as well as relevant valid and reliable assessments such as the Child Behavior Checklist, Parental Stress Inventory, various trauma assessments, and attachment assessments as deemed appropriate for the situation.

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